Friday, January 6, 2012

The life of a blogger: MsRandomKitty

As you guys are aware of I have been more frequent with my post. So now that I have become dedicated towards being an avid blogger, I feel as if I see literature differently. Haha so I have this little notebook I carry around now, and I am always seeing, hearing, or experiencesomething I jot down to write about. My most recent "Little notebook" notes have been funny and weird quotes from my teachers here are some from 1/4/2011:Teacher; QUIET... maybe I should have like a gun or something (pew pew) *shoots into air like cowboy*
^LOL that totally got the classes attention
Student; *daydreaming in class staring at map*
Teacher; Bobby, you thinking about going on a trip
^Corny Joke
... ok so I have to go now I'll probs add some more tonight .. Here is a pic of some delicious dessert from cheesecake factory (please stop drooling ;) k byee

Grammarrly yours, MsRandomKitty <3

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