Sunday, January 8, 2012

It is not the crown on your head; It is the crown in your heart

Yesterday Jan.7 was my first pageant of the year, And I won! I competed for the title and I won. Ha ha sorry for repetition it feels good. I am now Miss Black Massachusetts Talented Teen. The competition consisted of: Fitness wear, Formal Wear (Picture Above), Talent, and Interview. I feel like I did great in all of the categories. SO when the night started the dressing room was scorching hot because it was in a basement, but then we opened a window so it was so much better (thank God!). After the opening dance to the song (We run the world, Beyonce), the pageant went by so quickly! I was number one, after every performance I felt like I only had 2 minutes to change. All the girls were really nice and I enjoyed meeting all of those personalities at once put into one event. Also! some Nickelodeon dude came to sing/rap (not sure) but yeah he was cool, he had a really unique name so I don't recall it (So sorry if you are reading this mystery dude, but if you are thank you so much for helping me calm my nerves back stage with my random talk :). Other than that there were loads of pictures after crowning. Speaking of crowning, Thank God I've been exercising because kneeling down for about a minute or two to get the crown pinned on wasn't as bad as it would have been. The visiting queens looked gorgeous with there crowns and sashes. I remember one came back stage and told us before crowning "Girls, they made a crown to fit all of you ! " LOL for some reason I giggled for a while about that comment I thought it was so sweet. I am looking forward to a busy year of interviews, appearances, promoting my platform and more! A platform is something that is an issue/problem that you want to address or make better (in my own words). My platform is : Enhancing Youth Leadership, Service Learning, Academic and Professional Success. Using my title and my own perseverance, I hope to change the way youth and teens see their Academic future, Professional goals, and Service Learning, as we know it to be Community Service. I would like people to see how being productive and helping a worthwhile cause isn’t something I do just to feel good about myself, but it is something that I want and need to do help others achieve and to get ahead in life; academically, professionally, and even socially. I would like this generation of youth to WANT to strive for their best and overcome the biggest weakness of youth (Procrastination!).

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