Monday, January 23, 2012

Girl Dies of Impatients

^HAHA Legit can not wait for my 16th Birthday!. 7 Days till my Birthday and then 12 till the BIRTHDAY BASH! :). I invited about 50% of my school and I am ready to party!
I have the Party Playlist all made out diverse and well thought out!

MONDAY UPDATE: Happy Chinese New Year! Today at school we had a little festival for the Lunar New Year and I was asked to host it (AWESOME!), so to dress the part I wore my sash and crown. It was kind of funny how many people didn't know why I was, then again no one asked. I don't understand why the title baffles people. LOL I personally think its a long title, but HEY thats what makes it WAY MORE AMAZING!

> Tomorrow is my Mock Trial Team's first trial. I know everyone is nervous, so I am! I believe that we will do great! Most of the members on the team take the trial entire seriously, they study hard and become their character. SO this year our Mock Trial team will hopefully move on to the next level (AMEN!) haha thats my prayer. What are you hoping for ? {GREEN FOR GOOD LUCK}

Things I pray for:
1. To become an amazing and well known blogger/vlogger
2. To overcome my enemy (PROCASTINATION)
3. To become MISS AMERICA
4. To become a young Entreprenuer
5. To attend Brown University with a full scholarship
... (AMEN!)
Yes I know my goals are high but I believe I can concur them one at a time! step by step!
Want to take that journey with me?> What are things you hope or pray for?

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty <3

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