Monday, January 16, 2012

FIRST Pageant Appearance MLK Day

In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King JR. Day, I attended a Community Service event that not only embodies the mission and goals of my platform, but also gives insight to the public of local causes and youth groups. 8-10 youth groups attended the event, there were 300 people and it was amazing how much we got to know everyone in such little time. I learned interesting statistics and facts about the food I eat and purchase from a youth group called "The Food Project". They showed us the pros and cons of food we purchase from the grocery store and food from Farmers Markets. Some of you may automatically think that the Farmers Market was the choice that they wanted us to lean more to, but interestingly enough the pros and cons kind of balanced out between which side we choose ( Farmers Market VS. Grocery Store) .. Which one would you pick? Personally, I do believe that the Farmers Market is indeed way more healthier than other options, but after a while that begins to get pricey. After attending that workshop I planted "4 O'Clock " Flowers with a professor from Northeastern. Below I will post some pictures of me with the "Food Project" crew and the professor from Northeastern.
>P.S. I'm the one wearing the crown :)

My crown is so close to falling off :/

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