Monday, January 2, 2012

The End of BLISS !!

Ok so for most of us Winter Break is ending and we are forced to adhere to our old routines.. No more staying up till 6AM .. no more sleeping in till 12.. Not that I did that ;) haha the point is I'm dying right now, so scared to start school. I legit might not wake up! There is no questioning that I will NEED coffee tomrw.. I am already fully prepared, over break I loaded $20 to my Dunkin Donuts Gift Card so I will have coffee to jolt me awake for the next few days. School schedules have changed, it is now a new year, so tomrw should be interesting. There is going to be some huge gossip I probably didn't hear about, most likely a new couple in school or maybe some random person did something stellar! IDK tomorrow will be a totally mystery for me and I have no idea if I am prepare. I am attempting to go to bed at 8:30 tonight and have everything all laid out so that at least I can subdue the morning rush to leave my house and catch the train; I'm starting a new commute to school so wether or not I am getting to school on time, I have no idea about that either... LMAO my life. Also look out for my Easter Article in the G4C Magazine @
Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty

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