Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Outfit of the Day! Last day of Jan.

Hey guys! I would like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I love you guys and I am so glad for all the support!

I was intrigued by alot of the fashion bloggers, so I decided "Hey! its a nice day and I actually tried to look good today sooo .... How about a mini photo shoot for the blog :) "
Yes those are my inner thoughts (Well partially, because if I actually said everything on my mind you guys would probably need therapy after, because my mind is lethal hahahaha legit)

Here is my First Outfit of the Day Post: Let me know what you think:
>Scarf: New York Street Vendor
>Shoes: Red Pastry's
>Sweater: Land's End
>Makeup: Pink Inglot Eye Shadow / Honey Brown Ulta Eye Shadow / CVS Drugstore Black Eyeliner / Vaseline for Lipgloss :) (Winter Staple!)

Any Questions : Email me or Check out my FaceBook page under : MsRandomKitty

Grammarly Yours, MsRandomKitty

P.S.> Upcoming Sneak Peek Blog Post!!!! Collaboration with another blogger I met!! We are like twins its so funny!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Things = Big Impact.

When I create my titles I try to make them short, intriguing, and relevant to what I am talking about. This title “Little Things = Big Impact”, can have many meanings, and I know a lot of them. For this post the “Little Things” refer to nice small gestures and actions throughout your day that makes waking up in the morning worth it. “I am not blind to the wonderful gift of my blog. I find it the most extraordinary piece of randomness and wisdom given to this world that has not yet been contributed. I greet you at the beginning of my great career. This morning, I rubbed my eyes a bit, to see if this sunbeam were no illusions (Emerson).” Haha back to my explanation of the title: the “Big Impact” refers to how happy these small gestures make people and the impact they create on the whole attitude of your environment. For example here are some small gestures that I witness throughout my day:

  • Ø An amazing friend telling me she read my blog the other night and laughed at the silliness (Friendly laugh not a negative laugh). Even though I was modest about this, inside I was jumping up and down with GLEE! So happy!
  • Ø Passing my Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer around the class and everyone commenting on how good it smells J LOL yes my decision on hand sanitizer is approved! Just kidding I don’t worry about how people do and do not like my stuff, but compliments are always accepted!
  • Ø BEING ME! LOVING AND FREE! Which creates a happy demeanor throughout my day, giving me the energy to sustain torture and boring classes (There is always a boring teacher!)
  • Ø Bargain Shopping.. Oh yeah! After school shopping and saving money is a Win-Win situation!

Those were just some of the immediate experiences I’ve gone through and wrote down in my LITTLE NOTEBOOK!

What are some small actions/gestures that make your day worth it?
OHH YEAH have a great Weekend :) I hope I will, although according to my lack of plans I highly doubt it :) What are your plans?
Grammarly Yours, MsRandomKitty <3

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love from 500!

I would like to thank all of you guys for taking the time to read my postings and thanks to you my views increase daily from 10/20 per a day to 500!!! The constant feedback keeps me motivated and dedicated. After just a few months this feels like a great accomplishment for me. <3 LOL I will write for you guys later before I start tearing up!
Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty <3

Monday, January 23, 2012

Girl Dies of Impatients

^HAHA Legit can not wait for my 16th Birthday!. 7 Days till my Birthday and then 12 till the BIRTHDAY BASH! :). I invited about 50% of my school and I am ready to party!
I have the Party Playlist all made out diverse and well thought out!

MONDAY UPDATE: Happy Chinese New Year! Today at school we had a little festival for the Lunar New Year and I was asked to host it (AWESOME!), so to dress the part I wore my sash and crown. It was kind of funny how many people didn't know why I was, then again no one asked. I don't understand why the title baffles people. LOL I personally think its a long title, but HEY thats what makes it WAY MORE AMAZING!

> Tomorrow is my Mock Trial Team's first trial. I know everyone is nervous, so I am! I believe that we will do great! Most of the members on the team take the trial entire seriously, they study hard and become their character. SO this year our Mock Trial team will hopefully move on to the next level (AMEN!) haha thats my prayer. What are you hoping for ? {GREEN FOR GOOD LUCK}

Things I pray for:
1. To become an amazing and well known blogger/vlogger
2. To overcome my enemy (PROCASTINATION)
3. To become MISS AMERICA
4. To become a young Entreprenuer
5. To attend Brown University with a full scholarship
... (AMEN!)
Yes I know my goals are high but I believe I can concur them one at a time! step by step!
Want to take that journey with me?> What are things you hope or pray for?

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty <3

Friday, January 20, 2012


It is Friday! As the year slowly begins to come into affect, the weekends have felt like heaven to me. Stress from school is relieved through; undisturbed, peaceful, DEEP, tranquil sleep that will RENEW, REFRESH, and Revive me:) Random Fact: My favorite color is red and here is the story why. It was a normal morning for the 3 year old MsRandomKitty and my mother woke me up the usual way by turning on "PBS kids" in the living room. Around this time shows like Barney, the Siamese Cats, Between the Lions, and other education shows would air. Well anyway, I trudged into the living room with my normal toddler pj's (a big shirt and pink slippers) and preceded to watch that Chinese/Siamese show (I totally forgot the name of the show because I am getting old!). SO before a commercial a part of the show came on, where they told us something educational. And on that marvelous day that something marvelous was about the color RED. RED= LUCKY in china. I am not Chinese but this intrigued me for some reason.. and ever since that day my favorite color has been red. Alot of people that know me would argue this, because 80% of the items I own are pink. As I am walking to school, if you want to find me, just look for the girl with a pink; jacket, purse, book bag, and gloves. Last year my room was like a pepto bismo pink (I did not pick this color!). Did you guys peep the red shirt and chair in the picture above?? Yepp I took that photo opportunity specifically for THIS blog post :). SMH the things i do as a blogger.

#1 Update: I just got accepted for an Internship with Her Campus, this website that gives awesome advice to college students, and will soon be adding a section for High Schoolers!

#2 Update: I am stressed and lacking sleep which causes effects such as: Ranting on my blog! LOL srry guys I just keep typing what ever RANDOMNESS appears in this complex mind of mines!

P.S. TOTALLY FORGOT TO MENTION MY BIRTHDAY IS JANUARY 30th..... Are you guys getting me anything??? Safest gift in the world= LOL I was about to say condom haha get the pun "safest" + "condom" haha but seriously coolest gift is a GIFT CARD. You can't go wrong with gift cards, unless you get something totally unrelated to the person.

KK I think I am done BYE.. DID YOU COMMENT YET?
Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty

Monday, January 16, 2012

FIRST Pageant Appearance MLK Day

In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King JR. Day, I attended a Community Service event that not only embodies the mission and goals of my platform, but also gives insight to the public of local causes and youth groups. 8-10 youth groups attended the event, there were 300 people and it was amazing how much we got to know everyone in such little time. I learned interesting statistics and facts about the food I eat and purchase from a youth group called "The Food Project". They showed us the pros and cons of food we purchase from the grocery store and food from Farmers Markets. Some of you may automatically think that the Farmers Market was the choice that they wanted us to lean more to, but interestingly enough the pros and cons kind of balanced out between which side we choose ( Farmers Market VS. Grocery Store) .. Which one would you pick? Personally, I do believe that the Farmers Market is indeed way more healthier than other options, but after a while that begins to get pricey. After attending that workshop I planted "4 O'Clock " Flowers with a professor from Northeastern. Below I will post some pictures of me with the "Food Project" crew and the professor from Northeastern.
>P.S. I'm the one wearing the crown :)

My crown is so close to falling off :/

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ways That I Promote My Platform

Name: Semirah Dolan

Title: Talented Teen

Enhancing Youth Leadership, Service Learning, Academic and Professional Success

As a dedicated member of 2 different Youth Leadership groups, our goal is mainly educating our peers about topics that we feel need to be highlighted. As an individual I plan to extend my horizons, goals, and audience using my title. I am working towards Enhancing Youth Leadership, Service Learning, and Academic and Professional Success. I want to be able to use my network responsibilities to give teens, youth, and my peers resources that are easily accessible, useful, and attractive towards that specific audience.

My platform is more of a way to positively affect, influence, and aid youth, teens, and my peers. This specific audience loves overly socializing, which takes away from putting more of that energy into productivity. I aim to target this issue through workshops, talks, etc. Topics on Academic success, Professional work ethic, and Service Learning will be some of my primary focuses.

Using my title and my own perseverance, I hope to change the way youth and teens see their Academic future, Professional goals, and Service Learning, as we know it to be Community Service. I would like people to see how being productive and helping a worthwhile cause isn’t something I do just to feel good about myself, but it is something that I want and need to do to help others achieve and to get ahead in life; academically, professionally, and even socially. I would like this generation of youth to WANT to strive for their best and overcome the biggest weakness of youth (Procrastination!).

My attention towards Enhancing Youth Leadership, Service Learning, Academic and Professional Success will give the Miss Black Massachusetts USA pageant system exposure and support from a wider range of youth. The youth in my eyes are “The leaders of the Future” and possibly even some of the young woman of color may feel inspired to join and compete to become the next “Miss Black Massachusetts Princess/Talented Teen/Miss. That’s when I know that I have done what my purpose was set out to do, inspire others to do great and be great!

“Making a mark, that can NEVER be erased”

Monday, January 9, 2012

A special kind of HAPPINESS! Friends

Before I tell you guys about that special kind of happiness I will do my funny teacher "notes" and cool fact..

Teacher: Class, I have something funny to tell you guys.
Class: Tell us! Tell us!
Teacher: Okay, so I have A friend *chuckles* LOL that's funny
Class: Awkward silence .. LOL you just dissed yourself woowww

COOL FACT: The Writer of "Alice in Wonderland" is a Mathematician/ Math Magician .. that's why there are number tricks throughout the movie and book (Think about it;)

And the idea about this "special kind of happiness" originated from the word 'Eudaimonia'
Ok on facebook I did a status statement/contest thingy where I will mention some of my friends on here:
P.S: As I am writing about this my mom is giving my 13 year old brother "the talk" because he told her he is losing his Virginity in 12th grade(Awkward)
Lmao ok so on to my friends:

1.Madison: She is really nice and friendly, I believe I was in 7th grade with her before I moved :( ... Best Memory was when I first came to the school (huge school: 300+ Students) She was really welcoming, its always nice to go to a new school and make friends.

2. Sky: Sky is an extrovert, she is out-going and fun to be with (when she isn't acting like a totally weirdo) Love you SKY .. haha I have like 5 friends named Sky but she know who she is.. I see her almost every Sunday bright and too early in the morning. Best Memory: LOL idk there has been so many hilarious, embarrassing moments, I can't name one! so sky when you read this give me a story to put on here :)

3.Adia: Fellow pageant girl/women ( which makes her instantly awesome ) ha ha .. From my FB knowledge Adia is really pretty and dedicated to pageantry ( She fell ill before I could meet her at my recent pageant:( so hopefully we will cross paths in the future ) *crossing my fingers for luck*
If you guys want to be mentioned or advertised comment and we can talk more or if you are my FB friend inbox me, basically I am really easy to reach and I love hearing you guys opinions : OPINIONS MATTER....
My email for serious inquiries only: semirahdolan@yahoo.com

Sunday, January 8, 2012

It is not the crown on your head; It is the crown in your heart

Yesterday Jan.7 was my first pageant of the year, And I won! I competed for the title and I won. Ha ha sorry for repetition it feels good. I am now Miss Black Massachusetts Talented Teen. The competition consisted of: Fitness wear, Formal Wear (Picture Above), Talent, and Interview. I feel like I did great in all of the categories. SO when the night started the dressing room was scorching hot because it was in a basement, but then we opened a window so it was so much better (thank God!). After the opening dance to the song (We run the world, Beyonce), the pageant went by so quickly! I was number one, after every performance I felt like I only had 2 minutes to change. All the girls were really nice and I enjoyed meeting all of those personalities at once put into one event. Also! some Nickelodeon dude came to sing/rap (not sure) but yeah he was cool, he had a really unique name so I don't recall it (So sorry if you are reading this mystery dude, but if you are thank you so much for helping me calm my nerves back stage with my random talk :). Other than that there were loads of pictures after crowning. Speaking of crowning, Thank God I've been exercising because kneeling down for about a minute or two to get the crown pinned on wasn't as bad as it would have been. The visiting queens looked gorgeous with there crowns and sashes. I remember one came back stage and told us before crowning "Girls, they made a crown to fit all of you ! " LOL for some reason I giggled for a while about that comment I thought it was so sweet. I am looking forward to a busy year of interviews, appearances, promoting my platform and more! A platform is something that is an issue/problem that you want to address or make better (in my own words). My platform is : Enhancing Youth Leadership, Service Learning, Academic and Professional Success. Using my title and my own perseverance, I hope to change the way youth and teens see their Academic future, Professional goals, and Service Learning, as we know it to be Community Service. I would like people to see how being productive and helping a worthwhile cause isn’t something I do just to feel good about myself, but it is something that I want and need to do help others achieve and to get ahead in life; academically, professionally, and even socially. I would like this generation of youth to WANT to strive for their best and overcome the biggest weakness of youth (Procrastination!).

Friday, January 6, 2012

The life of a blogger: MsRandomKitty

As you guys are aware of I have been more frequent with my post. So now that I have become dedicated towards being an avid blogger, I feel as if I see literature differently. Haha so I have this little notebook I carry around now, and I am always seeing, hearing, or experiencesomething I jot down to write about. My most recent "Little notebook" notes have been funny and weird quotes from my teachers here are some from 1/4/2011:Teacher; QUIET... maybe I should have like a gun or something (pew pew) *shoots into air like cowboy*
^LOL that totally got the classes attention
Student; *daydreaming in class staring at map*
Teacher; Bobby, you thinking about going on a trip
^Corny Joke
... ok so I have to go now I'll probs add some more tonight .. Here is a pic of some delicious dessert from cheesecake factory (please stop drooling ;) k byee

Grammarrly yours, MsRandomKitty <3

Monday, January 2, 2012

The End of BLISS !!

Ok so for most of us Winter Break is ending and we are forced to adhere to our old routines.. No more staying up till 6AM .. no more sleeping in till 12.. Not that I did that ;) haha the point is I'm dying right now, so scared to start school. I legit might not wake up! There is no questioning that I will NEED coffee tomrw.. I am already fully prepared, over break I loaded $20 to my Dunkin Donuts Gift Card so I will have coffee to jolt me awake for the next few days. School schedules have changed, it is now a new year, so tomrw should be interesting. There is going to be some huge gossip I probably didn't hear about, most likely a new couple in school or maybe some random person did something stellar! IDK tomorrow will be a totally mystery for me and I have no idea if I am prepare. I am attempting to go to bed at 8:30 tonight and have everything all laid out so that at least I can subdue the morning rush to leave my house and catch the train; I'm starting a new commute to school so wether or not I am getting to school on time, I have no idea about that either... LMAO my life. Also look out for my Easter Article in the G4C Magazine @ girlz4christmagazine.com
Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty

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