Thursday, December 29, 2011

Videos?! Youtube?! Check it out?! HECK YEAH

LOL so hopefully the title was intriguing, basically the point was to get you guys to stop by my youtube page, drop a couple of comments/rates.. If you feel like being oh so generous ( and hopefully I'm not asking for alot) maybe, just maybe SUBSCRIBE.. yes that yellow button is free to TOUCH.. haha but yeah my youtube username is: MsRandomKitty .. OMGGG just like this blog, I am just now getting this resemblance. Just kidding but seriously I would love to know what my blog readers think of my videos. The videos are more personal and guess what?! you can even make request as to what I vlog about, Instead of reading whatever randomness pops in my head on here.. But between you and me, I'm told that this randomness is quite interesting.. well thats it for tonight.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND GOOD NIGHT :)
Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty
P.S> don't forget the Youtube thing (hint hint: MsRandomKitty) k byeee

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