Thursday, December 29, 2011

The TRUE Meaning of Christmas for ME

Hi Guys Here is my post for the Christmas Contest.. Let me know what you think : Opinion Matters!
To me the true meaning of Christmas begins with Family. The gathering of Family, The exchange of gifts between Family, The laughter amongst Family, The Love in Family. Christmas for me, is centered around Family. But also Friends, when Christmas comes around I honestly begin secretly making a list in my head of all my friends that get gifts. I try to give out gifts that will friends/Family will treasure and remember, something that adheres to their personality. Everyone loves recieving gifts and they always remember the ones that the giver gave thought into.
The true meaning of Christmas is different for everyone. Everyone recieves different presents and have different Christmas Traditions. You know this is true becasue when break is over everyone has a different story of what happened over break, what presents they recieved, and what family member did the funniest thing ever. In my family its a tradition for the women to cook the best (LOL Fattiest) food ever. Down South the men would probably be gathered around the grill socializing, drinking, and grilling some type of meat/fish (Ever year its different). What does your family do? How is it different from mine? Many of my friends always have hilarious stories after Christmas break.. Do you?
Love MsRandomKitty..

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