Friday, December 30, 2011

Daily Quickies ! because its a new day!

Starting tomorrow I am starting a daily QUICKIES routine, can you guess what that is?? Well its this 10 minute workout DVD I found in my attic. the whole DVD is 4 women belly dancing, which I thought would be something cool to do.... Lets see how long this last ;)
Here is a pic of the DVD if you want to check it out yourself: All rights reserved for the rightful owners
2012 realizations......
It has been only three days of 2012 and I have already realized new things about myself ! *Ha ha so people do change ;)* lol so first I
now cannot sleep with socks, I woke up at 2AM today totally uncomfortable. And I think it is disgusting/ bad luck/ and dangerous to mix two kinds of milk, Weird but i feel like they would contradict each other and make my stomach churn with disgust. The first day back was not as harsh as I imagined.. I only have one homework assignment and the only challenging part of the day was that teachers were trying to cram review back into our heads. My chemistry teacher did the total opposite , here are my notes from first period:
1.Student: I don't have a seat
Teacher: Sit on someones lap I don't know!
(AW how caring)
2. Teacher: *looks out window* Why are there ROCKS on the roof? 0_o
3.Teacher: Get the rust off your brains .. SHAKE it out! *Chuckles to self*
4. and of course there are those educational notes we were suppose to write .. ha ha My school life <3

Disclaimer: Info mentioned about the happenings at my school are not normal day events, they are those rare moments that make school WORTH IT :) and of course the prestigous learning system.
Upcoming Blog Post:Inside look into my Jan.7 pageant: probably even some video footage from back stage :)
P.S>The "its a new day" part of the title was inspired by WILL.I.AMS. Song from last year I think.

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