Saturday, February 20, 2010

Losing My Blogging Virginity

ok so now i am not a total virgin to blogging this is my first post so i hope it comes out great. I am at the sheraton Hotel in Boston and amin total bliss. This place is awesome. let me paint tha picture. i walked into the dimly lit mostly gold lobby. where i am greeted with eager employies of sheraton. as i walk towards the check out desk i feel important because i am in the center of the room. when i look to my right i see a lively bar whichi cant use because of my age:( also i see flat screen tvs and about 8 pcs. to my left i see a car rental place and the extremely expensive gift shop. so ya i hope u enjoyed this abrupt post but i have limited time on this computer. so until next time. auscla-vous(i have no idea wat this means but it sounds cool)

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