Saturday, April 17, 2010


why is it that around the age of 12 and older everyone wants to be famous ? every parent is spending thousands of dollars to go to these so called "conventions" that promise your kids guarenteed fame. when we all know that every person on the block can't be famous. every agency isn't walking around to find that fresh new face. i understand that it is 2010 and everyone believes its time for change but get real have we seen any change?  ............... i think not. comment rate tell me what u thnk about this:)

grammarly yours,

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Losing My Blogging Virginity

ok so now i am not a total virgin to blogging this is my first post so i hope it comes out great. I am at the sheraton Hotel in Boston and amin total bliss. This place is awesome. let me paint tha picture. i walked into the dimly lit mostly gold lobby. where i am greeted with eager employies of sheraton. as i walk towards the check out desk i feel important because i am in the center of the room. when i look to my right i see a lively bar whichi cant use because of my age:( also i see flat screen tvs and about 8 pcs. to my left i see a car rental place and the extremely expensive gift shop. so ya i hope u enjoyed this abrupt post but i have limited time on this computer. so until next time. auscla-vous(i have no idea wat this means but it sounds cool)

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