Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fall Back to School Outfit: Rompers

What to wear for fall back to school fashion? There's always the pressure of first impressions or wanting to come back better than you left. We have new classes, new friends, new year, and inevitable... the possibility for a new you!

This outfit was a cute campus twist for New England summertime to fall weather. If you're into super quick but wicked adorable ensembles, this eShakti romper would be perfect for you.

I paired this outfit with a few rings and bracelets. There was no need for a necklace since the romper is a halter top. However, I did add my NSBE pin to the collar (always representing as the club President) and that was a cute eye catcher to the outfit.

 I love how this romper cinches at the waste and is loose in the shorts area. However, I have to be honest with you guys... How do you think I got this romper on??? In the back of the romper is a zipper that goes from my lower back and all the way up to my neck. In addition, there are two buttons you secure at the top.

For those of you that have tried using the bathroom with a one piece bathing suit or other rompers, you know how challenging this is. It takes me 2 minutes to undo this romper. Keep that in mind if you are interested in getting a similar one. And then on top of that, it's the additional 2 minutes to put it back on.
This semester is going to be filled with trying to break old habits and learn from old mistakes. It's basically a mid year "New Year's Resolution" type vibe.

What are you doing to better yourself this semester?

Trying out new organizing methods? investing apps? New studying regiment? Share below in the comment section.
Bro, do you even Starbucks?! Don't mean to be basic but it's been 2 weeks of classes and I'm already drained! Professors have pilled on the work, looming exam dates, and then extracurriculars on top of that.
This semester is going to be a breeze with intentional time management and caffeine by my side.
Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Engage Diversity Through a Film

Sundance Film Festival award winning film: STEP
One of the Leading Ladies and I

Step was a great film to get conversations started about adversity and to be considerate because you never know what someone is going through. This film is great for starting the conversation around how can we give back to our communities using our personal passions/strengths.

Twitter invited me to experience this film in an open, fun, and diverse environment. Shoutout to HR at Twitter for being so accessible, approachable, and open! 

I didn’t know what I was getting into before agreeing to see the film. But I ended up having many moments of laughter, joy, bewilderment, and understanding(relatable).
The ending of the movie was filled with an overall feeling of love and reflection on, "Can I do something like that in my community"

The way our politics are looking for the future generation, I definitely think that we should be uplifting the next generations of leaders to be stronger and intellectual individuals.

The film brings you through a sampling of a variety of feelings and it's not overbearing. This is perfect for audiences that want to learn or become more aware of adversity in black communities but, it’s not crazy emotional and didn't have me crying.

The overall theater (very diverse) had more moments of laughter than any other reaction. Maybe because, as a predominantly black audience, we all connected with and understood the annoyed black mom side eye.

If you don’t know what that is <Gives you the annoyed side eye> LOL just kidding. 

This film is amazing for empowering a group of young women. 
 Five stars on achieving that mission and purpose.

The entire cast for Q and A


Review of the cast

They were perfect for this film
It (and the cast) were transparent, honest, and extremely candid.
I could have not put my personal life on the line like that, in front of millions.

I had the opportunity to participate in the Q and A with the cast members and hear the answers to the questions on this true story documentary and film. 

I asked a question about how did this film impact the main ladies moving forward and if they’ve created a platform for themselves.
They have not. Which is completely okay but, if I were to make a power move and optimize a film tour, I'd have a manager create a social media campiagn and platform for me. 

Ladies of the Step film, if you are reading this, my advice to you! (Also for Coach G as well)

Use this film tour to your advantage. Yes get this opportunity to travel the world but it is very rare that you will get the opportunity again to sit in front of the people in those screenings.

When someone ask you questions about; what are you doing now, your platform, dreams, etc. etc…. Be like: I have a blog, youtube channel, business etc etc... that I’m using to continue to be a mentor.

Or if you are like Coach G and Ms. Dufat, turn those Q and A questions around and install those shameless personal plugs for your businesses!

Q: What was your motivation when working with the girls?
A: I was motivated to make an impact and show them that Step practice wasn’t just about Step. It was about building character and learning to be a contributing citizen. That’s the same kind of message I stood behind before this film and it’s the same message I install in my personal development business, Coach G’s Step Mentoring.
Q: Do you think this film made you a bigger mentor for girls then what you expected?
A: Most definitely, before this film I was a mentor for my siblings, cousins, the 6th graders and more. Now I’m maintaining that mentor role by giving advice on my Youtube channel for middle schoolers or through my mentoring non-profit.

This is advice that I think would help me if I were in your positions. 

Grammarly yours, SemirahD 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Senior Women Engineer Mentors

1. BUILD YOUR NETWORK *On the Inside

I recently shared in a LinkedIn post, how I've been able to take advantage of Silicon Valley perks. One of these perks includes having in-person and close proximity access to some of the top engineers at the top tech companies.

During my internship, I had the opportunity to have a coffee date with LinkedIn Senior Engineer, Sarah C. I reached out to her a year before initially meeting her. This was on of those, met on the internet/LinkedIn scenarios. We were both at the Grace Hopper Conference but were unable to meet up so, it was destiny that our paths crossed again in San Francisco.


In addition to meeting with Sarah, I met with a Senior Engineer from Saleforce. Ayori is a longtime Salesforce engineer, entrepreneur, mentor, and role model. Sidenote, Ayori has her own Wikipedia page!! Like umm... goals! OMG if I have my own Wikipedia page in 5 years, that will be a true success metric for my career. 

On to her advice to engineers: pinpoint your career goal and chart out the skills you need to get their. What's holding you back? What are you weaknesses and strengths?

Once you pinpoint your strengths, you now know what to capitalize on. However, the key is: your weaknesses. This is what you need to work on to become that higher ranking position.


Grammarly yours, SemirahD

It's not "You Can Do It!".. It's "Yes, please do it!" - Older engineers to young engineers 

Curious about the Silicon Valley Intern life?? --> read about the daily life of the average Silicon Valley intern 
^ True story for interns from Google, Facebook, Github, Pinterest, Airbnb, and more : D

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Making The Most Of A Summer Internship

Hi summer college intern!

You made it… You acquired the prestigious opportunity to intern at some company that you could potentially work at post-graduation. Friends and family have congratulated you and you’ve probably even updated your LinkedIn profile with your new position. But how do you live up to the big expectation of being a valuable intern?

Here are FIVE tips for you. An internship is essentially a 3 month interview. All that great stuff you said you can do during your internship, now is the time to prove it! Will you do what it takes to get this company to give you that coveted return offer and think of you for full time positions?

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1. Join an Employee Resource Group

This is an “Engaged Intern” secret. Many interns come to work, do their job, and go home. They don’t further engage with the company. Work culture and environment is very important so, I like to dig deeper and see what type of company I’m working for and could potentially continue to work for.

Employee Resource Groups are like the many clubs you have at university, it’s groups of like minded individuals networking and growing. Definitely talk to your manager about getting involved because sometimes events or meetings are during work hours and you don’t want to disappear from your team.

2. Go to company events

If your company host any events or volunteers for charity, join them! This gives you the chance to hang out with coworkers and get to know people outside of the office. Building relationships with your coworkers is a great idea because it gives you stronger connections that will help you at work and maybe even after your internship.


3. Make friends with the other interns

From my past internship experiences, I always look forward to group intern activities. Usually people are coming from all over the world and bring different perspectives, stories, and culture. You are building your social skills and your social network but getting to know the other interns. Also, these same people may be your future co-workers. If you like to keep it strictly professional, getting to know the other interns will allow you to hear about what other departments are working on and how their work experiences are, compared to yours.

Everything you do isn’t in a selfish and greedy pursuit. The objective during your internship is usually to learn and grow. Doing many of these things will amplify that process.  

4. Ask everyone questions about anything

Companies bring in interns for new ideas, new perspectives, and for fresh eyes on their product. Give them what they want… don’t be shy! Something that is obvious to you may not be obvious to someone who has been working on the same product for 10 years.

Questions you can ask:

Why does they company do XYZ

Does the company have XYZ

Can I work on this?

What if we tried this?

Why aren’t you guys trying this?


5. Talk to the other people on your team

It’s easy for 60 days to go by before you meet everyone that sits near you or is involved with your teams project. Try to introduce yourself to everyone and utilize awkward silences. Everyone is usually aware that a new intern has arrived so, feel free to introduce yourself.

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

This is Your Intern Life in Silicon Valley

You wake up at 7 am after an insomnia-induced sleep. So much on your mind about how you are going to finish your projects, impress the full time engineers, and manage to visit Google or Facebook before your internship ends. Last night’s tech networking event was kind of lame but you forced yourself to stay and “make connections” or just gather more swag or free beer.

You’ve heard rumors about Silicon Valley and this summer is your chance to see if any of it was true. You’re somewhat disappointed but are determined to find the gold in the mine. At the tech event, you met some people and talked about your work at your cool internship. The guest speaker’s website made them seem like big time celebrities in the tech world but, you realize that they wrote their own bios and that they are their Hype Team (hey, not jealous of the hustle).
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 To make up for the time you are losing to catch up on OITNB, you drink your times worth in free booze and food. Professionals at these events keep talking about how we, “millennials”, are disrupting X and Y industries... It’s entertaining because you have come to realize that the definition of “millennials” in Silicon Valley is not young college programmers (Like the HBO show Silicon Valley depicted), it’s 27-40 year old professionals. As a 21 year old, you are basically a 12 year old in the room, yet the 40 year old is considered a “millennial”… interesting :D.

You came out to this internship with an ambitious list of side projects that you wanted to complete but keep getting distracted with intern events, tech workshops, and company HQ visits. You realize that you aren’t the next Mark Zuckerberg that is going to discover the next big thing just because you live right near Pinterest, Twitter, eBay, Google, etc.

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Back to your daily schedule, you either take the MUNI to work, BART (if you are unlucky), Uber (if you are privileged), or walk. You don’t bother grabbing or making breakfast because your company provides breakfast and has free snacks/fruit available all day. You eat breakfast, chat up some other interns or coworkers and head to your desk. You have 2 hours till the morning standup so you check emails, fill in some code from yesterday’s project, make a to do list for the day, and read some encouraging articles about young entrepreneurs and new tech in the industry (wow everything is moving so fast in the outside world). A coworker walks by and you quickly close the article and continue to do productive contributions to your internship project.

The business manager calls together the software engineers for the stand up and everyone gives updates on their progress. Last night on the Slack channel, you see that the team completed a ton of releases and today is going to be focused on fixing any production code problems. Did you catch that? I said they complete this work LAST NIGHT! Which means, after your internship life is over and you enter the full time world, there will be no more back to back nights of networking events and intern outings.  

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The meeting is over and you have 4 hours till your next meeting so, you set out to complete some more code to get closer to having a complete package to review with your mentor. In reality, you spend a lot of your time googling acronyms and guides on how to use the framework and tools your teams effortlessly handle.

It’s time for that afternoon coffee to keep you awake at your desk. Since it’s week 4, you’re body has become accustomed to the free office lattes so, you head to Philz with some other interns. You pick a coffee flavor that you know you will love and head back to the office with a newfound motivation to get’r’done! The coffee high ends around 4pm and you are counting down till you get to leave and enjoy your evening. Many coworkers have already left or are popping wine bottles in the office to celebrate…. Everything? at this point there are so many celebrations, they all blend in.

The day has ended and you’re on your commute home. OMG the feeling of walking out of the office and feeling fresh air is rejuvenating, plus the San Francisco sun shining at 6PM makes you feel like you can start a whole new day. You browse Facebook on the bus and are determined to keep a humble social media demeanor about your cool summer internship because you don’t want to seem braggy. Some friends post about their trip to Greece or Paris, you like it  but wished you were on the beach tanning instead of figuring out how to be super productive during an 8 hour work day. The super chill CEO that travels all over the world (Picture Jack Dorsey) has called a Town Hall meeting for next week and you wonder what steps you need to take to get to that position. The opportunity to basically advocate for the company and travel all over the world, “enhancing your cultural experience and adding value to the company” seems like an amazing place to be.

You have the opportunity to order groceries on this new app or have a robot make you salad at Eatsa but you opt to walk to Trader Joes yourself and slum it with the soccer moms while you figure out what you can make for dinner for the next few days.

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You get home and gym with other young people that may be interns but you are too shy to ask. So you guys all just lift and run in silence… all of you wondering what company does everyone intern at. Darn nerds and their lack of social skills. You make dinner while watching a movie to get your mind on anything other than the methods and classes you need to add to your code (but you make a side note to google how to do this job quicker and maybe someone on StackOverflow already did it).

You take a bath and get comfy in bed with your laptop and put a book on the night stand for when you opt to make better pre-bed reading decisions. In reality, you end up on your laptop till midnight and close it before laying down for the night. You are way less stressed than the school year and have a brief moment of gratitude for the privileged position you are in right now before laying down and having your mind haunt you with stuff you have to do, have yet  to do, or stuff your failing in.

Good night Silicon Valley Intern


Original "Life In Silicon Valley" Article Inspiration 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Marketing to College Kids

As the future of marketing is enhanced with the latest technology (i.e. Virtual Reality, new mediums, etc.), it is helpful for firms to understand who they are marketing to. Forbes, Today, and Huffington Post, all recognize that younger audiences respond to advertising different from their older audiences. An online ad can have varying performance depending on it's placement, location, timing, etc.

Market smart. Know Your Audience. Advertise Better.

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

My LinkedIn Workshop for NSBE National Convention #NSBE43

Professional Development is my forte! Many college students are struggling in their job search and have not yet harnessed the power of LinkedIn. I used my passion and superpowers for professional development to host a workshop on "LinkedIn for Millennials" at the National Society of Black Engineers Convention (aka NSBE43 or NSBE 2017). 

It was an impressive turnout and I'm extremely grateful and privileged to have had this opportunity. I've hosted workshops for my campus and at other events like Grace Hopper. However, this NSBE43 workshop was all my work and I was the only speaker. Watching people line up to come to my workshop literally put tears in my eyes (and definitely built up my secret speaker anxiety!).

conference speaker, student, college, professional, motivational
NSBE43 Workshop Group Photo

NSBE43 to NSBE44

I am planning on hosting another professional development workshop at next year's NSBE convention (NSBE44). Many of the attendees came up after my workshop to shake my hand or ask a question. My imposter syndrome was going wild this whole time! Like who am I to have a line of people waiting to shake my hand, express gratitude, and engage in further intellectual discussion? Nonetheless, everyone walked away from this workshop with information that will excel them professionally and that was the workshop goal!

Below is a cute hype video of the workshop. Watch it and enjoy! Also my full workshop was filmed so, I will be posting the video on Youtube right when I receive it.   

Thank you to everyone that made this speaking experience enriching and rewarding. 

P.S. Peep the picture above?? That's a super professional speaker photo for my bios (doing the happy dance). So if you need an affordable speaker for your conference, convention, workshop, etc. please feel free to reach out to me via the "About Me" tab at the top of my blog.

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Women in Engineering Starter Kit

Checklist for First Year College Women in Engineering

Starter kit for engineers? Ready. Set. Go!

1. Tech equipment:

Good laptop that you can later download large software on
laptop and graphing calculator

2. A group of supportive friends or upperclassmen

3. Try 5 engineering clubs at school. Fall in love with 1.

4. An agenda. Things get stressful if you have a to-do list to fall back on, it should be less stressful.

It's your first year in engineering and these are the four must-haves for surviving. I'm in my 3rd year of engineering and I am so glad that someone shared these four vital tips with me. 

Grammarly yours, SemirahD 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cleveland OH Summer Activities

Summer Internship In Cleveland, OH

Here are some fun things to do in Cleveland during the summer. I spent the summer in Cleveland, OH for an internship and had a pretty decent time entertaining myself through local attractions, events, brunch with friends, concerts, and more!

Within the first week of moving to Cleveland, I observed that the overall vibe is way more country than Boston. The city is divided into pockets and the food isn’t horrible.

Spending Summer Time in The Land:

Zac Brown Band

Polish Cuisine

Pokémon Go: The other interns and I literally went on Pokémon Go walks just to catch Pokémon and level up. I don’t think we would have been so outdoorsy, adventurous, or social if it wasn’t for Pokémon Go.

Swimming in Lake Erie (It’s called a lake but, dude.. it’s basically a beach)

Cleveland Indian Baseball Games
snapchat filter
Roadtrips to PA

Volunteering at the local National Park

Lots of Brunches at Townhall

Fruit shopping at the farmers market

Dining in “Little Italy”

Pulling airplanes for charity

A ton of Country concerts I don’t remember
Frisbee Golf
Froyo Dates
Other: I also spent my free time cooking, more than usual.

Grammarly yours, Your Boston Gal - Semirah D

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Checklist for First Hackathon

Cheatsheet for Your First Hackathon

What is a Hackathon?! I cover that here.
Come to a Hackathon with me, virtually.

First, you’ve applied to the hackathon.

Second, you’ve packed all the necessary things you need for hours of constant hacking.

Third, you're on your way to the hackathon location.

Your main goal is joining a team.

Introduce yourself to 5 people and see if anyone needs another team member

Introduce yourself to the sponsors tabling and giving out swag (Also figure out if they are sponsoring a specific prize or hack for the event)

If you still aren’t on a team, find out when and where people are pitching their ideas to build a team (this is usually one of the first events to happen so work fast at introducing yourself to people upon arrival)

You are now on a team. How To Pick a Hack/Project

Everyone can throw out ideas and the team pick one to move forward with

Pick from the specific competitions at the hackathon (ex. Microsoft Azure hacks, Amazon Echo Hack, Fintech Hack, etc). Then work backwards to pick a project that solves a problem in that specific area.

Getting Started

Once the project is picked out, everyone should take a portion of the project to work on. Ideally grab apart of the project that is your strength OR maybe even take this weekend to work on your weaknesses. So if web development is your strength and your group needs a website, start building the site.

See if any of the sponsors of the hackathon has resources that could help out your team.

Create a specific goal and start working on completing it.

Break time

You’ll see that everyone spends their breaks differently. Here are some ways that I’ve seen breaktime done at hackathons:


Snack break

Talking to sponsors

Checking out other projects

Walking outside


If you’ve made it this far then I'll let you take it from here. Enjoy the hackathon!

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Why Aren't 75% of American College Students Aware of Open Source (Specifically CS majors)

How Communities in USA support Open Source projects

From the perspective of a Mozilla Contributor/Volunteer

TOP 4 Open Source Contributions

1.         Campus Clubs

2.         Privacy and Web Literacy  

3.         Debugging/Remote Workers

4.         Team Project Management (IOT, Rust, Software Updates, etc.)

When are programmers or tech-ys or any other relevant parties introduced to “Open Source”?

Generally, in the USA, people are introduced to open source in college under computer science studies. However, they aren’t fully introduced to the concept of OS till they start their professional careers. Many local open source support groups are all older software developers or professionals working at large companies. I think this is pushed harder in the professional world because large companies are usually international and internationally the concept of open source is more imperative.

Open Source in Our Education System

Americans aren’t generally deprived or restricted access to many of the resources that we need so teachers and professors don’t push for their students to be exposed to open source. Of course restriction is not the only reason that someone would need open source resources but, it is a starting example.

I was personally introduced to open source, through Mozilla, my sophomore year of college. I was looking for a campus ambassador program that would help me build my engineering skills and I found the Mozilla Campus Clubs (previously known as Firefox Student Ambassadors). During this campaign, I learned about the many facets of open source and participated in some tech projects.

Open Source Contribution with Mozilla

Fast forward one year and I am now the Mozilla Reps North American Regional Coach, apart of the Campus Advisory Committee, and a Mozilla Tech Speaker. Through my volunteer work, I have learned so much about the importance of open source, the stigma around open source in my local area and around the US, the many resources available through Mozilla, and the many resources available through other open source focused organizations.

The Only Software Companies visible on Campus = Microsoft and Google

Mozilla has successfully promoted a free and open web to many universities around the world, except the US. There are many reasons and road blocks to explain this situation. From my perspective, Mozilla needs to invest an equal amount of resources that they invested in other areas around the world straight towards the US. It’s a large market and should be approached differently than you would Spain, India, Vietnam, etc.  

Where are the USA Open Source Organizations?

You can find groups of organizations in shared workspaces collaborating to push the open web, web literacy, internet of things, or some aspect of open source and a free/open web to the local community or a technically deprived sector of the local community.

There may be many other open source organizations out there that are doing the complete opposite but, this is what I’ve experienced so far. In addition to these small organizations, you have large corporations that require a focus on open source to function internationally or to accomplish large scale projects.

There are many hidden open source contributors around the USA that are fixing and finding bugs, working on localization, or building open source resources. However, these ninjas work remotely and usually keep their work within their virtual community.

Are You An Open Source Contributor?

In conclusion, your average American open source contributor either; 1. Works remotely 2. Is in a small organization geared towards minorities OR 3. Programmer at a large corporation.

I don’t mind that this blog post act as a call to action to rally the open source troops and prove me wrong. If you were wondering what does the open source world look like in the USA…. This is what I’ve found (... so far!).

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Working out with Natural Hair

Going to the gym with natural hair is the ultimate struggle.

Hair is the main reason that many black women don’t go to the gym. Because after spending so much on a new hairstyle, we want it to last it’s full lifetime (for me, 2-4 weeks). And sweat is the top killer of fresh hairstyles. With that being said, who is running to the gym to ruin their wash and blow dry? Not anyone I know, but me.

I want to share with you how I make my hairstyles last while still being able to workout (like legit sweaty and hot workouts), at least 3 times a week.
This is my normal wash and blow dry that I maintain for 2-4 weeks

What To Do With Natural Hair Pre Gym:

1. Massage anti-frizz serum through hair (not a lot of product, just enough)

2. Massage coconut oil through hair as well

3. Brush hair into middle/high ponytail (perfect position to place ponytail into that back hole of a baseball hat).

4. Wear a headband that will protect your edges and soak up sweat

5. Optional step: Wear a baseball cap to keep hair down and another object to soak up the sweat.
working out with natural hair, sound of charm blog
Gabrielle Union is rocking a perfect example of the baseball cap and ponytail hairdo

What To Do With Natural Hair Post-Gym:

1. Take off hat and headband

2. Keep hair in ponytail and allow the hair to dry before taking ponytail out

3. When hair is dry, take ponytail down and brush or comb through hair.

4. Optional, spritz dry shampoo on scalp (Many people do not like to fill their hair with products because it makes their hair heavy and nasty. However, for others, dry shampoo makes brushing through the hair post-gym easier and if your hair collects a lot of build up from sweat then dry shampoo is necessary.)

5. Optional, put hair into a bunch of braids (and for bed throw on your head scarf)

6. Additional optional, brush down edges before putting on head scarf.

Other Natural Hair Gym Tips and Tricks

Create a hairstyle schedule that works with your gym schedule, For example:

1st week of getting your hair done

Hair: Straight down and bumped (no heat, rollers!)

Gym: 2 light workouts (ex. pilates, yoga, weightlifting) and 1 heavy workout (full body, Zumba, TRX, tibata, etc.)

2nd week

Hair: Curled (no heat, rollers!)

Gym: 2 heavy workouts and 1 light workout

3rd week

Hair: Creative twist and braids, Half up/Half down

Gym: All heavy workouts

Co-Wash Option
Many of you have co-wash routines as well. When I have a wash and blow dry, I don’t co-wash. When my hair is in braids or out in it’s curly natural state then, I co-wash. Everyone’s hair is different so you may have to try different things to find what works for you.
Cold Air Trick
Another little trick that I’ve learned helps prolong my hair after the gym is letting cold air run through my hair. I do this by either eating my post-gym snack in front of the fan at home or slowly walking back home from the gym so that the cold air can dry my hair faster. The warmth keeps your hair damp and can make it revert to it’s natural curly state. With a straight wash and blow dry, I don’t want it to revert to being curly.
Coconut Oil is Bae
Throughout this journey, continue to care for your hair as you normally would OR you may find that your hair needs more love. I now massage oil on my scalp so that build up doesn’t occur. I also braid my hair when I get home so that any humidity and frizz from the day dies down. For braiding, I either do the simple 2 cornrows going back or a ton of braids all over (usually with my hair parted into 4-8 sections).   
Did this help?
Let me know if you found this helpful. Also let me know if there are tips I’m not using that could help OR if I’m doing something the complete wrong way. Like what a do shawty? Let me know in the comment section below.

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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